Safari Part 2 | Elephant Back and Sunset + Night Safaris

For the remainder of our time in Mpumalanga, we opted for two more safaris – one on Elephant Back and another that took place from Sunset to night fall. All were so different and so unique.

So let’s start with the Elephant Back. We were inside a sanctuary just outside of Kruger National Park. Super cool and safe. Our guide and told us the history of the park and surrounding areas and how many of the elephants are rescued from being poached from illegal poachers. After our safari our guide taught us more about elephants and the best ways to interact with them.

After our elephant safari, the owner of the lodge we stayed at was notified of a pride of lions that had a fresh buffalo kill nearby. We stayed for about 45 minutes and witnessed a few lions protect their fresh kill. The buffalo is towards the right behind the reeds with another lion guarding it. The other lion was defending their carcass from the crocodile.

Now for our Sunset and Night Safari. The biggest difference between the two is the fact that the nocturnal wildlife start to emerge as the sunsets. The guide was also able to get us deeper into the park and because everything felt so still, we were able to hear a lot more. We even heard a few lions roar into the darkness. Pretty cool – hella scary! The best part was experiencing an African sunset. REALLY NOTHING NO OTHER LIKE IT EVER!!!!

This lone lioness was about 10 feet from our jeep. Our guide was pretty experienced with lions so he was able to coax her to come closer to us for a stunning view. 

The evening portion of the safari. The greatest part about it was seeing the different animals that come out and driving through complete darkness. We used the lights when we wanted to see animals when they were close by. Unpolluted skies seeing the Milky Way was awesome but we couldn’t step out and set our tripods to take photos…well because you know – the lion might start roaring. 

In the middle of the safari a heard of buffalo and rhinos were stampeding through our jeep. This was a small scuffle between the two fighting for territory.

Now we will leave it here with this stunner of an African Sunset. Amazing, right?! 

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