Shinagawa Price Hotel | Tokyo, Japan

Location. Location. Location.

For one week, the Shinagawa Prince hotel was our home. Prior to booking this location, we were really unsure  about staying here since it seemed far from things. After talking to a few friends who are familiar with the rail systems and area they told us it wasn’t too bad. We are so SO glad we trusted their judgement! We took the JR Line directly to the hotel after landing in Narita International.

The value of the hotel coupled with the convenient access to the train station made everything so easy for to get around town. Our room was cleaned daily and we found it to be a decent size. It’s a small room for American standards, but really it wasn’t bad at all. We loved there were a number of restaurants nearby in case we wanted a quick bite to eat (You must stop at Yoshinoya) and even the food court in the hotel was great. There was one place that had awesome Takoyaki. For families, this is really a great area. We found the area to be extremely safe and was bustling even after 10pm. If we ever find ourselves back in Tokyo, we wouldn’t hesitate staying here again.

Being next to a train station was 100% worth it!

The vending machine right outside of our room.

Shinagawa Station right outside the hotel. Convenient to the JR Line, Shinkansens, Yamanote Line, Keikyu Line, Tokaido Line, and Keihin-Tohoku Line.

View of Tokyo from our hotel room

Food court on the bottom floor which also includes some shops as well.

The outside of the Shinagawa Station.

Yoshinoya right ahead. Can you spot it?

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