Solvit Large Car Cuddler | Product Review

For road trips, we usually keep the seats to our SUV down and lay old large comforters and a dog bed down. We typically would see Bessie want to scoot closer to the driver and shot gun seats being close to us. Also our seats are put down, so we can protect the seats and avoid having her fur all over the place.

Enter, Solvit Car Cuddler. We loved how easy it was to install into our SUV and it fit perfectly. Our vehicle is a mid-size SUV and we used a large size. So if you happen to have a larger car, the length might fit short. Bessie seemed comfortable in the cuddler and it was a great way to have her sit closer to us on road trips and keep the fur off the seats.

Thank you Solvit Products for the Car Cuddler! Bessie gives it two paws up!

 Disclaimer: Solvit Products provided Bessie a Solvit Large Car Cuddler for our road trips.  Us in Wanderlust or Retriever Sisters were not compensated for this post review. We also do not endorse products that we don’t feel confident in using ourselves.

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