Step2 Push Car Buggy Restoration

Sharing one of our first DIY projects on the blog today. This one is customized for our 7-month old son and was a super fun one for us. A friend passed down their old Step2 push car to us recently and we decided to make it a fun restoration project by making this a baby friendly version of the Subaru WRX STI World Rally Car. Cam has been a fan of WRC and Subaru ever since the 2.5RS days. He even owned a 2002 WRX when it first entered the US market.

For this restoration, we used the following items:
• One can of Rust-Oleum black spray paint for the handle
• Two cans of blue spray paint for the car
• One can of Rust-Oleum gold spray paint for the wheels
Dashboard and light stickers
• Subaru, Motul, Pirelli, etc.. stickers were cut from our Cricut machine using permanent vinyl.
• Sandpaper: 220 grit, 400 grit, 800 grit
• Replacement wheels and steering wheel from Step2
• Subaru emblem – the one we placed onto the project car came from my 2002 WRX

We started out the project by finding our inspiration car which comes from Petter Solberg and Phil Mills WRC Car.

Our first step was to spray paint the push car handle in black. Because the handle had a lot of texture, I opted to not spend the time to sand it down and focus on the body of the car.

Soon after, I sanded down the body of the car so the paint sticks on better to the body. We used three different sandpapers starting with 220 grit followed by 400 grit and 800 grit respectively.

Once I wiped down the car, I sprayed two coats of paint allowing each layer to dry for 24 hours.

I think one of the biggest changes to this restoration was ordering different replacement wheels that luckily fit. Instead of using the original buggy wheels, I ordered the replacement wheels from the whisper ride cruiser. Once our wheels came in from Step2 for the car, I covered the tires with painters tape to spray paint the rims in gold. I sprayed two coats of paint and once they dried, I peeled off the tape and it turned out perfect!

The longest part of our project was stickering the car. From using our Cricut machine to cut out the individual stickers to emulate the inspiration car to placing them to make sure they were all straight and perfect – the entire sticker process took a lot longer than we imagined.

Once everything was painted and ready to go our last step was to put the entire car together.

Now all the before and after images:

Lastly, here’s the entire video process below:

We hope you enjoyed this! Please comment below if you have any questions! We’re happy to answer them for you.

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