The Test Kitchen – Cape Town, South Africa

Dining at The Test Kitchen was one of our foodie highlights of our trip.  If you ever want to go here, this is really not one of those spots where you can just show up. Reservations are known to be filled for most of the year – (while we were dining in October, they indicated the current wait time was over 6 months). It’s been named one of the top 50 restaurants in the world for several of years now and after eating through our five courses, we can see why! Chef Luke Dale-Roberts is amazing. Also a side note, he is also the creator of The Pot Luck Club (review on that place to come in the future).

Our lunch five course lunch consisted of the following:

*“Homedried Tomato” – spiced aubergine and feta, burnt aubergine jelly, goats cheese mousse
*“Grilled Scallop” – fine bean, tofu miso suke, braised scallop dressing, miso on toast, braised shitake, raw shitak
* “Pork Belly” – parsley pressed apples, wild rosemary infused honey, blue cheese cream, crackling
* The frozen looking dish below was our palette cleanser
*  “Linefish” – black forest ham and fish jus,potato and snoek medley, roasted potato skin puree, burnt red onion foam
*  “Confit Duck Leg” – mushroom and liver stuffing, assorted onions, truffle and foie gras egg, duck liver jus
*  “Almonds, Tea and Nectarines” – caramelised almond tart, lapsang souchong jelly, nectarine sorbet, white chocolate creméux, toasted almond panna cotta
*  “Carob Mousse” – roast banana butter, meringue, rum foam, coffee and tanariva creméux
* The house made artisan bread was the best we’ve ever had

Other notes: Parking is readily available inside The Old Biscuit Mill shops. Looks like online reservations are now available. The minute you book your trip to the Cape – this is what you need to book second.


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