TrackR Bravo GPS | Device Review

Having a wee little pup, can be quite the task. Especially when that pup is curious about the new world she has entered and starts to explore. This is where the TrackR Bravo comes in!

The TrackR is a small disc that is about the size of a quarter which fits perfectly on your dogs collar like a dog tag. It is also thin enough to have a device sit in your wallet or your keys with little to no bulk. It works with bluetooth 4.0 and it paired effortlessly with my iPhone 7 Plus using the free TrackR app. When you are out of range, your TrackR and connected phone will alert you that you are out of range from each other. You can also toggle the alert on your phone in case you lose the puppy (in our case) or toggle the TrackR if you misplace your phone (in Tracy’s case).

One of the features we did like was setting up WiFi zones on our app to disable alerts when we’re home so we don’t have to hear the alerts that say we are out of range from each other.

Overall, we like the TrackR and would probably use this more on our belongings (like suitcases/purses/camera gear) in case it does go missing. As a dog tracker, we do see it becoming damaged if your dog accidentally gets into some water and ends up destroying the device.

Disclaimer: The TrackR provided us a TrackR Bravo device to specifically use on our pup. Us in Wanderlust or Retriever Sisters were not compensated for this post review. We also do not endorse products that we don’t feel confident in using ourselves.

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