Wearing a Kimono in Tokyo – Kimono Sakaeya Shop

Wearing a kimono in Japan has been high on Tracy’s bucket list – so we took that opportunity while we visited Tokyo during Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season.

We came across the Kimono Sakaeya Shop through my sister who visited them a week prior to our visit. Their website was extremely easy to navigate and Kahori was extremely responsive which gave us more confidence to book immediately. Since our visit was right in the middle of the busy season, we knew she would be extremely busy and she was nice enough to accommodate us on a busy Sunday afternoon.

Once you book with Kahori, she will send you instructions on how to get to her studio. She does run this out of her residence so know that she does have adorable cats that may greet you. If you are allergic to cats – this might be something you want to address before you book. Upon our arrival, Kahori had some kimonos set aside for us based on our height and size we provided via email. She assisted getting us dressed up and ready to walk through the city.

Kahori’s husband, Martin helped guide us through Yogogi Park and offered to take a few photos for us. I don’t think he knew we were professional photographers until later and offered up some tips. Walking through the park was quite the adventure in a pair of zori sandals. Probably because we are not accustomed to the footwear. Throughout our trek in the park, we came across people who wanted to take photos of us and also invited us to their picnics under the sakura trees.

Once we were done in the park, Kahori prepared a condensed version of a tea ceremony for us. She offered sweet treats and went through the traditions with us. The green tea she prepared was also delicious.

Overall, we enjoyed our time with Kahori and Martin. We wouldn’t mind doing this again and want to walk through some shrines instead and probably visit during a less busy season so we can go through the parks in peace rather than feeling like a character walking in Disneyland being stopped every few minutes for a photo. At least we created memories for others in the process! On another note, if you are visiting during the cold months,  we suggest wearing a pair of leggings under because it can be quite drafty under the kimonos.

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